Tulip Easter Joy Mixture (50)


  • Extra Value Bag! 50 Top Sized Tulip Bulbs ~ in a wide array of beautiful PASTEL shades
  • Includes different types of tulips for an extended blooming period
  • Hardy in zones 3-7Plant in the fall or early winter for spring flowers
  • Plant in full sun to part shade
  • Zones 8 and up will need to refrigerate bulbs – either prior to planting, or after planting in pots
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Sword-like foliage on a sturdy stem supports the most recognizable flower imported from Holland. Tulips are one of the easiest bulbs to grow. Just plant this fall in well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade for great color this spring. Triumph Tulips were created by cross-breeding Single Early and Single Late Tulips; it is the largest class of tulips with the widest range of colors and color combinations. Plant tulips in well-drained soil to ensure proper root formation. Exposure to full sun will bring out the rich colors that tulips offer, but some shade will enable a longer blooming period and still offer a colorful addition to your yard or garden.