Tequila Sunrise Tulip Bulbs (50)


  • Extra Value Bag! 50 LARGE bulbs – 12cm in circumference or larger!
  • A stunning mix of yellows, reds and pinks with lots of bi-colors.
  • In zones 3-7, plant in the fall or early winter; warmer zones will need to pre-chill the bulbs first.
  • Blooms in the spring – typically April and May.
  • You will receive all Darwin Hybrid tulips the type that many call the “perennial tulip”
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Netherland Bulb Company is pleased to offer this very special mixture that will enable you to create large plantings of colorful Dutch  Darwin  Tulips at a very low cost. This mixture, packed right in the heart of Holland’s bulb-growing area and rushed to America, includes prize varieties not available in sufficient supply to offer individually. Top quality 12+ cm. bulbs yield bountiful blooms for bright bouquets to dazzling solids and multi-colours to fill your home or to share with friends. Mature Height: 20-22 inches tall