Reefertilizer Start | Organic Kelp Meal With Mycorrhizal Soil Booster

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For Rooting Seedlings

Brand Reefertilizer
Item Weight 0.55 Pounds
Item Form Liquid
Coverage Medium
Specific Uses For Product Organic


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Introducing Reefertilizer Start | Organic Kelp Meal With Mycorrhizal Soil Booster, your essential companion for robust root growth in transplants and seedlings. Our potent organic blend stimulates vigorous root development while enhancing nutrient absorption for optimal plant growth. Harnessing the natural benefits of organic kelp meal and beneficial Mycorrhizal spores, Reefertilizer Start establishes a thriving soil ecosystem, promoting healthy plant establishment. Sourced sustainably from reputable Canadian suppliers, our formula is versatile for use in both soil and coco coir, ensuring optimal conditions for root establishment. With easy application and trusted results, Reefertilizer Start is the choice of growers seeking superior root health and vibrant plant growth. Join our community of satisfied growers and experience the remarkable difference with Reefertilizer Start.