50 Large Cup Daffodil Narcissus Ice Follies Bulbs


Simple to Grow Annual bulbs
Beautiful garden of mass planted Daffodil in Mid Spring
Curb Appeal
Big Blooms
Impressive Flowers That Bloom 3-4″ in Size!

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Mass Planting is an easy way to fill a garden with lots of color. Concentrate your display where it will be mostly effective. Lots of bulbs in one or two areas of the garden will give a much better effect than the same number spread all over the garden. Try planting large quantities in smaller, more generous groupings. Avoid planting in one straight row of evenly spaced bulbs, this often results in a sparse looking display. Narcissus are commonly known as Daffodils. According to mythology Narcissus is a Greek god who sees his own reflection in a shimmering lake and falls in love with himself. An angered goddess lured him to the lake as a punishment for rejecting the love a young nymph. As a punishment for his vanity, he falls into the lake and in his place springs yellow daffodils. Ideal for warmer climates, daffodils long lasting, deer resistant blooms are available in wide range of sizes. Perfect if you are a new gardener or an experienced gardener, these are one of the easiest bulbs to grow. So add drama to your garden with the “Big Blooms” of the classic Trumpet and Large Cup varieties. Or try classic Small Cup varieties for a softer appearance. Scarcely resembling the classic daffodils, the Split Corona and Double Narcissi will add an unexpected surprise. And because they are perennials you can expect to enjoy your daffodils year after year. Light Conditions: Sun,Partial Sun/Shade Bloom Time: Mid Spring Height: 16 Inches Hardiness Zone: 3-8 When to Plant: Fall Grade: 12/14cm

Genus: Narcissus Family: Large Cupped Cultivar: Ice Follies Common Name: Daffodil